New Website!

Hi, I'm Christina! Since we're getting a fresh new website, I thought it might be time for a fresh introduction. I'm Odessa born-and raised and I live down the street from my shop, a selfish pick for my daily commute. Lol. I'm a mom of two teenage boys, and wife to my husband of 16 years. I started this business three years ago when I felt it was time to pursue my dream of owning a boutique. I started out as a speech therapist working in public education and I knew someday I would also have a career in fashion and retail. And now here I am, just a girl who decided to go for it!

While a new website might not seem like a huge endeavor, it means more to our small business than you might think. Because while I'm introducing myself here, my business now vs. when we first launched/branded is SO much more than me. 

There's Jamie Howton who took a chance on me as my first shop part-time employee and now has been my full-time, right hand lady for three years. There's Chanel Ramos who thankfully let us steal her from a gig elsewhere and her work is just. that. good! And then there's Shaylee Villanueva who has such an eye for style. Each girl keeps me in line with all the things: our shop, inventory, trends, customer relations, etc. 

A new website might be NBD for some, but for us, it's a sign of growth. Especially in this completely unusual time where retail is HARD and life is harder. So thank you to our community for allowing us to grow. To evolve. To try and get better with each milestone. When you buy from Marigold Boutique, you're buying from us and that means the world.

With love, Christina 

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